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4 Practical Reasons You Should Own a Pilates Reformer Machine

If you’re into pilates, you may have wondered whether buying a pilates reformer machine is a smart move. 

If you own a home gym or have a little extra space in your living room, basement, or garage, you can fit in a reformer machine to help you:

  • Rehabilitate your body in case you are recovering from injuries
  • Keep yourself strong and healthy by exercising daily 

Today, we’re going to explore reasons why you should buy a pilates reformer machine, and why Vaissal is such a trusted supplier

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Why you should own a pilates reformer machine 
  • The different brands of pilates reformers available at Vaissal
  • How to choose the perfect pilates reformer machine for your needs

1 - You Can Maintain a Flexible Exercise Schedule

If you have work and parenting responsibilities, you may find it difficult to go to the pilates studio. 

If you have a babysitter to watch your young kids while you’re out, and your sitter cancels, you’ll have to cancel your pilates session as well. 

Similarly, if you’re working on an urgent project, you’ll likely choose to put more time into that over going to the pilates studio. 

While missing a day of exercise may not make such a big difference in your routine, putting off multiple pilates sessions can put you on a downward spiral.

woman exercising on the Lagree Micro at home

But with your own pilates reformer machine, you reduce the likelihood of missing your workout sessions. After your kids sleep, you can head over to your reformer machine and get in your 30 minutes or more of exercise

The same thing applies when you’re busy with work. If you need a stretch away from your desk, just hop on your pilates reformer machine. 

2 - Having Your Own Pilates Reformer Machine Is More Hygienic

All exercise equipment is prone to bacterial buildup due to sweat, skin cells, and dirt. This problem is compounded when equipment is shared. 

A study on the diversity of bacterial communities of fitness center surfaces uncovered 17 bacterial families of different species on surfaces and equipment that had come into contact with human skin. 

The bacterial species uncovered included: 

  • Micrococcus and StaphylococcusPresent in the skin and nostrils. They cause skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, endocarditis, and bone infections 
  • Salmonella — Commonly present in animal products such as meat and eggs. When transmitted, it causes fever, diarrhea, and stomachaches 
  • Klebsiella — Often found in the stool and throats of humans. When transmitted, it causes pneumonia

Although some gyms try to keep pilates equipment clean and sanitary, achieving a 100% sterile exercise environment can be challenging because: 

  • Exercise studios often rely on their own employees instead of professional cleaning crews certified to clean equipment and surfaces in shared facilities. This could mean that most germs aren’t eliminated during cleaning.
  • Cleaning schedules are usually in the morning or evening. Between exercise sessions, the studio relies on the last person to use the equipment to clean it. As such, you can’t be entirely sure the equipment is 100% sterilized. 

3 - You Save Money When You Buy Your Own Pilates Reformer Machine

man assembling a new Elina pilates reformer machine

The cost of attending a pilates class varies depending on whether you’re attending a group session, a private session, or a semi-private session. 

  • Group sessions are the cheapest because they don’t provide one-on-one attention. Group pilates can cost between $15 and $85, depending on the equipment used. Sessions using large pilates equipment cost more than those using only mats. 
  • A private pilates session is the most expensive because it provides one-on-one dedicated training and an individualized exercise plan. It’s not unusual to pay up to $150 for a one-hour private pilates session. 
  • A semi-private pilates session is taught to a small group of people, such as family members, or people with a specific medical condition, such as arthritis. Semi-private sessions can cost up to $90 per person for a one-hour session. 

To analyze this practically, let’s assume you’re taking group classes at $90 per one-hour session. The amount of money you’ll spend for just 47 sessions is equivalent to what you need to buy an Elina Pilates HL1

With such a purchase, you don’t have to spend a cent in a pilates studio again. 

Expert Tip: You can buy any pilates reformer machine from Vaissal in installments if you buy with Shop Pay.

4 - You Can Focus on Body Parts Requiring More Attention

man stretching his back on pilates reformer machine

Pilates exercises follow a sequence of movements that flow into each other to target and strengthen every part of your body. 

Although trainers are there to guide you as you execute these movements, you may not be able to keep up with the pace of a pilates class if you:

  • Have poor flexibility in some parts of your body
  • Are recovering from injury
  • Are overweight or unfit 

As a result, you may end up going through an entire pilates session without reaping many of the benefits. 

But with your own pilates reformer machine at home, you can spend more time gently exercising problematic body parts without worrying about keeping pace or your session running out. 

Let’s look at the different reformer machines available at Vaissal to help you choose the best one for your fitness needs.

practical reasons you should own a pilates reformer machine photo snippet

Which Exercise Machine Should You Get, and Why?

Vaissal currently stocks the following brands of exercise machines: 

  • Lagree 
  • Elina Pilates

Lagree exercise machines go beyond traditional pilates to give you a durable, steel-made machine capable of handling more intense movements than a typical pilates machine. These machines are suitable for fitness enthusiasts looking for a heavy-duty machine with many customization options. 

Lagree exercise machines begin with a base model that you can customize with additional accessories—such as handlebars and rear platform—to get a fully loaded machine. 

“I love doing my Lagree classes from home with the Micro. It is still challenging all the way, just like the Megaformer”
Yaritxa Garcia

Elina reformer machines are made of aluminum or wood. They come complete with all parts. Although you can’t customize them, you can remove parts such as the pulley straps and shoulder pads.

In the following table, we compare Lagree exercise machines and Elina pilates reformer machines to help you see the difference:

Item Elina Pilates Lagree
Customizable Each Elina Pilates reformer machine comes complete with all parts You can start with the base unit of the Mini or Micro Lagree reformer machines and add accessories as your fitness goals change
Adjustable Yes Yes
Product range Elina Pilates has a wider product range that includes aluminum reformer machines, wood reformer machines, and pilates reformer towers The Lagree Mini and the Lagree Micro
Easy storage Most Elina Pilates reformer machines require space. The Elina Aluminum Pilates Reformer-HL1 is, however, fit for small spaces You can store the Mini Lagree reformer under the bed, hang it on a rack, or stand it up against the wall

The Best Pilates Reformer Machine for You

Budget, space, and fitness needs are the main factors to consider when getting a pilates reformer machine. 

Here’s a buying guide: 

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practical reasons you should own a pilates reformer machine photo snippet

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