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Fuse Ladder

Eager to make Pilates-type workouts and training accessible to many people by adding standing and balancing exercises, Co-founders Mariska and Roxanna, began innovating an all-in-one fitness and exercise piece of equipment that could challenge athletes, rehab clients, and train everyone in between.

Knowing that successful studios require space-efficient and affordable solutions, the pair focused on a sleek design, small footprint, and easy, cost-effective installation.

The Fuse Ladder was born.

Once the ground-breaking wall unit was complete, Mariska developed an array of innovative, constantly evolving workouts to use the equipment in the studio and at home, for every level of rehab and exercise training. 

Individual Use

Easy to install and out of the way. No need to move equipment back and forth. This has been described as a wall tower on steroids. The top adjusts for shorter rooms so you can perform pull-ups without hitting your head. If you have a pilates reformer or pilates chair at home this is a very complimentary addition to those and can be used as a stable way to add support while performing exercises on a reformer or chair when moved in front of the Fuse Ladder.

Great for beginners to advanced and everyone in between and when purchased through Vaissal comes with one to three months of free online classes.

Commercial Use 

Offer these on their own as Fuse Ladder classes or in addition to a Pilates Studio or Therapy practice. They hang on a wall out of the way and the bars are numbered to help keep everyone on track.

This sturdy wall unit is great for clients recovering from injury or neurological conditions. The creator of FuseLadder also offers Pilates for Neurological Conditions training courses and incorporates the latest research in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation into a program designed for people with MS, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions using the FuseLadder.

Fuse Ladder Studio


Fuse Ladder ships via freight from Washington, D.C. Shipping costs vary by region and will be calculated at check out. 

We are limited to shipping only within the continental United States.


How much weight can the Fuse Ladder Support?
The Fuse Ladder supports a maximum weight of 350 lb (159 kg).

No tests have been done on attaching to the wall and no wall attachment bolts are provided. The attachment to the wall & the choice of wall attachment hardware and the number of attachments is the responsibility of the customer.

Do I need any special equipment to assemble or use a Fuse Ladder at my home or studio?

We designed the Fuse Ladder to be simple and space-saving. It arrives in just two pieces, so assembly is a snap! Ever built something from IKEA? This is WAY easier! The only requirement is that the Fuse Ladder needs a minimum ceiling height (7 feet at the lowest height adjustment setting). The wall where you install your ladder should contain studs to help support the frame, but there are still ways to install it if you don’t have a wall with studs. Fuse Ladder owners have installed their ladders on drywall, brick walls, concrete walls, wood walls, garages, and even on an 18-wheeler!

How much experience do I need to have before I can use a Fuse Ladder?

None! Your purchase includes online videos that will explain exactly how to use your Fuse Ladder and provide an overview of the basic exercises. Your purchase includes a free trial of online streaming workouts, and additional training modules are released throughout the year. 

Can I get Fuse Ladder online exercise classes?

Yes, Fuse Ladder offers online exercise classes from top instructors on demand for $24 a month.

If you purchase a Fuse Ladder through Vaissal your purchase may come with up to three months free of on-demand exercise classes specific to Fuse Ladder. See each product page for details.

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple Fuse Ladders?

Yes! Contact us for details at 855-790-8770 or by emailing or by filling out our contact form here.

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